02 June, 2011


A friend of mine is on a similar trip right now, practicing Spanish and volunteering at a clinic, and her blog is a beautiful account of her experience in the Dominican Republic. I had imagined writing in a similar manner, but right now I'm constantly struggling with words. Immersed in Spanish, I am constantly trying to force words into submission, pressing verbs into the past tense, twisting adjectives between masculine and feminine and stretching adjectives into adverbs.

I also find myself questioning the meaning of a lot of words. Words like mujer, rico, blanco, colonizaciĆ³n and estadounidense. So I'm going to leave my words in my journal and in my homework assignments and floating through the air. Here are a few photos of the city. They are not very personal ones,  but I think it's a good base and will definitely be building upon them.

1 comment:

  1. At the dispersion of meaning and struggle of language there lies also an opening in which genuine expression first arises.

    Thank you for the pictures, Lisa.


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