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My name is Lisa. I grew up in Houston, went to college in Denton, Texas and now live in Chicago. I'm a medical student, which I think is wonderful, but I am also making an effort not to define myself by that fact alone. This blog is a place for me to remind myself of that. I share recipes, photographs, and a variety of other things that catch my fancy. Of course, you'll see science, medicine and health creeping in all the time.

I began this blog in 2010, during a time of uncertainty about my future. I was anxiously waiting to hear back from medical schools and didn't know where I would be living in a few months. The fact that my husband was also waiting to hear back from graduate schools amplified the emotions. I felt the need for a creative outlet and a place to catalog all the beautiful things that I was feeling amidst my disquietude. It was a time that taught me a lot about patience, trust and gratitude. Things worked out. Life is such a blessing.


What do I mean by mindfulness? Well, I don't really want to try to define that, but perhaps a definition will emerge from this site. It's a complicated term. Even Wikipedia (you might be surprised by how much medical students turn to Professor Wiki during their pre-clinical years) begins like this:

This article is about mindfulness in Buddhism. For information on the use of mindfulness in Western psychology, see Mindfulness (psychology). For other uses, see Mindfulness (disambiguation).
I've learned about mindfulness from yoga – think breathing exercises; I've learned about mindfulness from medicine, i.e. mindfulness-based stress reduction; I've learned about mindfulness from the Bible: "Be still and know that I am God." I like them all.


P.S. Thanks again for reading this. I'd love for it to become a conversation. Please do leave a comment, or send me an e-mail (lisammoore31@gmail.com)

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