20 June, 2011

la paz

I am leaving La Paz for want of peace.
As I approach Isla del Sol,
he throws at me coins of light
 and I know that I am searching for something else.

Or rather that something is searching for me -
Something that will mellow my inquietude
And fill me with a glowing red love.
Something that will allow me to live from the heart
And heal wounds and souls.

The sun god cried when the pumas ate the people
but he knew that injustice had always existed.
A happy child without a future is still a happy child.
A hungry child is not just a hungry child.
Balance these two things.
You cannot.

So I drift on towards the island,
The sun god warming my core and burning my face.
Maybe that something will find me.
But I suspect the answer to all life's great questions is love.
The rest is just extrapolation and uncertainty.

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