29 April, 2010

food revolution

I'd like to invite everyone to learn about and sign Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution petition. It seems to me that he has carefully considered many of the problems surrounding the way we think of food in America today and offers a remedy. Are some of the goals too idealistic? Probably, but isn't that true of any similar movement? Does food really have such a large impact on our society? Absolutely - on every level from that of our daily lives to a global one. Methods of farming and growing, packaging and processing affect our environment. Marketing impacts our country's economics, as well as our own monthly budgets. Of course the area that I feel most strongly about is the impact that our diet has on our health. Healthy eating may help to prevent diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure; it enhances the immune system, strengthening it to fight everything from the common cold to cancer; and specific diets help to alleviate the symptoms of everything from Celiac's disease to Rheumatoid arthritis.

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