15 January, 2014

medical students write!

I'm becoming more and more interested in the idea of narrative medicine, storytelling in medicine, and what the humanities can teach us in general. Little things pop up in the hospital everyday that deserve to be written about. Even in our boring electronic medical records little gems pop up, like "the patient lives alone with her dachshund named Piper*."

There are a lot of physicians, other practitioners, and students who feel the same way, from journalists like Atul Gawande, to novelists like Abraham Verghese. I've been exploring a few outlets for medical professionals, one of which is in-Training, a sort of online magazine by and for medical students. They published a poem of mine a few months ago, and more recently an essay about I wrote about coping in the ICU. You can read it, and get a peak into the lives and brains of many other medical students, here.

*this dog's name has been change in accordance with the HIPAA pet privacy act ;)


  1. I love little details like that :)
    And I always want to give the people who included them a hug!

  2. Yes, narrative medicine is really important. Taking a good hiSTORY really should reveal a narrative! Writing is just another form of art! Funny you mention that site, I was just interviewed for in-Training's Inside Stories and it's funny to hear my story after-the-fact, but reflection upon our own stories helps us grow into better doctors (I believe). Thanks for sharing about it here!

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