20 April, 2013

final winter recipes

I don't have any new recipes of my own to share. These days I'm either following recipes from others or just throwing things together without enough attention to write it down. Some of my standards are cooked greens and eggs (either scrambled or over easy), or a hearty grain like quinoa or farro with lots of veggies thrown in, and my most recent favorite is vegetarian nachos that have nothing to do with fake cheese pumped out of a metal box at a refreshment stand. But I've found some really good recipes lately and thought it would be worth sharing the links with you. Sadly, they seem to show that I haven't fully transitioned into spring. I blame it on mother nature of course, all this cold and rain and sleet we are still having has demanded a slow transition away from the warm comforting foods of winter. But the signs of spring are ever more common these days, and soon I'm sure I'll be eating nothing but salads and fresh veggie sandwiches.

Also, if you live in Chicago or happen to be visiting, you should definitely try the Little Goat Diner. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, bake their own bread, have awesome coffee, as well as cocktails. It's a great way to get a taste for the chef's style without the wait or expense of Girl & the Goat. I think you will love it.

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