09 March, 2012

grandma & grandpa's house

Aside from cat-sitting over Spring Break, I also went to Ohio to watch my sister throw the shot put and weight at the NAIA indoor national track meet. She twirls a 20-lb. weight over her head! I was quite impressed. The stadium was not too far from my grandparents' home, which helped to bring pretty much the entire family there - my parents flew in from Texas, one aunt from Maryland, two more from other Ohio cities, their husbands & kids, even a great Aunt & Uncle. It felt like Christmas.

Grandma & Grandpa still live in the house in which my mother spent most of her childhood. They have been saying for about a decade that they are going to move, but I don't think it's going to happen anytime soon. Growing up, we visited them once or twice a year: almost always at Christmas, and often some time during the summer. This house holds so many memories. Here is a sort of photo essay in attempt to hold onto them.

The bedroom where I stay. Homemade quilts.
The window I would run to as a child in the morning...

...to look for snow!

The coolest bathroom wallpaper I've ever seen. I still wish Grandma would let me color it in.

The milk-man's door offered loads of fun in the summer time.

Check out those colors & patterns. What more could you want from a basement?
Well... maybe that...

The pantry, full of Grandma's canned peaches and pears, applesauce and jams. Once my cousin and I hid in here from our younger sisters for hours, or at least it felt like it to our young internal clocks.

The refrigerator my grandparents got as a wedding present 57 years ago. Still functioning.

Ping pong!
That's my grandfather's garden way in the back. And the tree I loooved to climb. There used to be 2 peach trees.
A family reunion. Actually, both of my grandparents have ancestors in this photo, but that takes a bit of explaining...

The kitchen table: for breakfast in the morning, the "kid's table" during all other meals. Grandpa always gets the best seat - right in front of the heat register.

Still poinsettias. Told you it feels like Christmas.

The painting that hangs in the dining room.

Almost always a quiet, peaceful place.


  1. Your grandparent’s house is pretty fabulous! I was amazed by your grandparent’s refrigerator, hehe. 57 years was too way long ago yet it’s still functioning. I wished to have a long-lasting refrigerator like that.

  2. This is my favorite entry in your blog Lisa. I was born in the south (Miami Fla.), and have never experienced a snowy winter. I see your mom in one of the pictures along with her parents and I see your reflection in the mirror when you took the picture in the living room.You have a real gift in your writing so keep it up.
    RMcF from Immanuel Lutheran Church.


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