17 December, 2011

in case i haven't told you recently

This past semester has definitely been the most difficult in terms of studying, but also the most exciting in many other ways. I am one step closer to becoming a doctor, planning an amazing conference, and learning skills that will actually help me to heal people some day. There were many times when I felt overwhelmed by all of this and inclined to complain about how stressful it is to be a medical student, but life kept sending me reminders that she is filled with so many more important things. The stress of exams is simply nothing compared to the joy and sorrow of life.

Life ≠ medical school. Life > studying.

A family member passed away, but it was his time. He was ready, it was peaceful, it was as he wanted. Few people today get to die in their own homes. It was a blessing, really. But, beside my desk sits a blank sheet of paper on which I meant to write a letter, and a photo, and a few stamps that I had meant to mail to him. I was going to do it as soon as this crazy week was over and I was no longer buried in books.

And so I am reminded of how painfully important it is to tell people that I love them. To make them feel that love as often as possible, without delay. That will be my New Year's resolution. That will be my new life resolution.

In case I haven't told you recently, I love you.

Perhaps that's the answer to it all.
Life = Love

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